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神话放送e37|5吨加油车"Men, kill me! Zang bitten to grind and dragged the pike to those based on the instability of lyu3 bu4 army rushed over, close combat, this relatively narrow place on the wall, was the power of the weakened, on the city daily regiment soldiers quickly up the crossbow, pull out combat knives, three to five people, two personality and attack others, cooperate with the tacit understanding, just a moment, then opened a vacuum belt in ChengTou kill, firmly established quickly.All rounders!In addition, these mainstream schools, namely, the military, Taoist and mohist schools, made chang 'an academy compete with each other and the style of writing prevailed. Even if the students of engineering, business and agriculture who did not attach much importance to cultural quality went out, they could still catch up with others.

Time in the past bit by bit, zhang lu complexion ugly looking at these people, he knew that these people are also forcing their position, if zhang lu refused, these people will be directly bound themselves, I'm afraid?Lyu3 bu4 quietly eating the food on the table, looked at lu zheng, did not break son thinking, strike bow success let his son become a bright and cheerful disposition, generous, and have a certain ability, but lu bu has not wanted to let his son completely become a star, although some early, but he needs to let him to see ugly and cruel side of the world, as the son of lu bu, he can enjoy many special treatment, but also, from the day of birth, he is destined to bear a lot of things, no matter in ancient or modern, some law will not change.< / p > < p > countless cao jun looked at the back of the ban, their hands away from the weapons, a few cao will follow in silence behind the ban.神话放送e37|"Lyu3 bu4 soldier horse, why can appear in yang2 ping3 pass?" Britons voice, that five years lyu3 bu4, while not apologise to the central plains, but as a neighbor, hanzhong and trade exchanges between changan, for strong guanzhong, britons have experience greatly, however, is as a result, although from last year has been someone to lobby coalition troops, but britons can't move, afraid to annoy lyu3 bu4 scored directly to, unexpectedly came, and occurs outside the YangPingGuan directly.

神话放送e37|Zhuge liang for a time do not know how to answer, too frank words, afraid of hurting the self-esteem of the other side, but not frank words, really let this veteran with the past, that is not take his life joke?However, to the surprise of both cao cao and xun yu, Chen qun's death was just the beginning of the three days of important advisors and military officers under cao cao.

Listening to what they said, cao cao was even more upset. He turned his head and looked around at xun yu, who had been silent all along."Hey, general huang, this words Lao zhang I is not letter, you want true ability, how can let liu jingzhou be CAI MAO to intimidate?""General, a phalanx has appeared on each side of the battalion and is approaching." Deputy general came to zhang liao side, bow way.神话放送e37|




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