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青春不败2120602安芝玛索胶囊At the moment, the 3,000 vanguard troops accelerated their march, all the way to yecheng, gradually separated from the main force."The three childe rest assured that jiang yiqu and jiang ji's headquarters have been defeated. General su you is organizing to deal with the defeated army." Zhang he bowed his hand.After screen flashed a person, beautiful appearance, similar to Yuan Shaoyou seven points, glanced at assume the direction of the left, hesitated, liu hand way: "mother, actually we don't need to do so, father's love for me, son of can also well above his elder brother and GuanJue can inherit the father in the future, why so?"

"MAO ~"At the beginning of the conquest of ye cheng, lu bu left the city with a 60,000-strong army. Although he was a slave, the battle was too tragic.青春不败2120602Cao cao nodded and looked at guo jia.

青春不败2120602"Er... "Does a conversation need that much energy? The guard scratched his head and looked at pang tong's departure."Oh?" Lv bu looked at the paw print of jiang lost in his face with a smile. He looked down at his child with a curious look in his arms and said, "if you want to come, this child has some aura. What's his name?""My husband, I was afraid." Quietly on lyu3 bu4 arms, enjoying the capacious arms brings comfort and security, and listened to the strong heart beat as if two people have already be in harmony for an organic whole, at the moment is not physical, but the soul, the sable cicada face, with a unutterable quiet, looked at the empty sky, whispering softly, without lyu3 bu4 five senses sharp, even if is so close, all may not be able to hear.

Guan hai, standing under the banner of the commander, was flanked by four hussars and guards, ten of whom had been there that day."Therefore, if I were lv bu, I would first defeat our army, and then xu tu and yuan shang. If our army were defeated, the best choice would be to retreat to the central plains and annex qingzhou." Guo jia flatly way.Guo Jiahe xun yu an uncle looked one eye, can see each other in the eyes dignified, they bet in what country is just his own speculation, but once a country that come to pass, if they are here, I'm afraid it will be as country say, be lyu3 bu4 ahead, spent once jizhou, be lyu3 bu4 income, deep and remote state that lyu3 bu4 prestige than former lombardi more terrorist, if on site, two states, plus you ji is the equivalent of more than half a world.青春不败2120602




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