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单才宸|维密魔发梳"Have you made any inquiries as to what it is?" Lu lingqi took a deep breath and asked."But...... This...... It's too... "Qiang young people have been completely fooled at the moment, just feel that the mind of these han people is too terrible, so think, the whole battle of xiliang is a complete conspiracy, and they burn to block qiang in this conspiracy, like the huns became victims.Giffin pass a sheepskin to lu bu, "according to our plant in hetao deeper exploration, after the first world war, the Wolf qiang has five thousand soldiers to war, while the first zero is strong, there are six thousand war soldiers, master, now a sublime hetao, and tu, moon people for the force in each, the take it easy, just move some means, forced to trend, without opening, we will automatically to vote, as for Qin Hu... "

Chapter 62 the ugly ghostJiluzhai, qinhu daying."Can a man kill his father or his family without taking advantage of others? Ask general help, although ma chao died without regret!" Ma chao shook his head, stubborn way.单才宸|

单才宸|In the distance, a strong man dressed up as a family member ran in, hurried to the parade platform and said to han: "general han.""Gong da, willing to gamble concede defeat, today I move to your side live how?" Guo jia looked at xun you with a smile."Clean up the battlefield, bury the bodies where they are, and retrieve the spent arrows!" Lu bu shen sound way, their return to the first battle of hetao, is over, next, the integration of resources, fight with the huns.

The mind of one person is not easy to control, the mind of a group of people is more difficult to unite, but it is easier to do than to control the mind of a person.Chapter 44 miseryXuan spend big axe with a bunch of lightning, with a cold front is cold, prey to lu bu his forehead, the axe is tried an axe, no left hand, also do not give oneself leave a little leeway, not you die, is I die, for the axe, Korea's fierce have absolute confidence, is the strongest war as hebei lamere sitton, under the axe, also get pitted, he did not think lu bu will be strong enough to ignore the axe.单才宸|




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