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战狼2张翰|南京灌浆料Looking at pang tong, even that ugly face at the moment also feel pleased with a lot of, deng xian hesitated for a moment, wry smile way: "Mr. Shi yuan has said to this share, the end will not only, willing to listen to your command.< / p > < p > jiangdong, chaisang camp, a group of jiangdong soldiers are patrolling the river, although zhou yu is not, but chaisang camp under the auspices of lv meng, still in good order.Sun quan did not even dare to think further. From then on, sun quan was even more afraid of zhou yu than his younger brother, sun yi, because he could control the military and political affairs of jiangdong.

"So that's it?" Xiahou dun could not help saying: "let us deal with lv bu, how possible?"Xingyang, taishoufu, xiagou dun listen to the song mountain to investigate the whereabouts of the missing tiger wei scouts brought back the news, unable to suppress anger, regardless of cao cao on the side, suddenly a clap on the table, shouted: "a good hypocrisy of the big ear thief!Deng xian frowned at the pain and saw the pain战狼2张翰|"Rightness, can jiang dong have news to come recently?" Zhuge liang thought for a while and looked up at ma liang.

战狼2张翰|"Ha ha, general deng was worried." Wei yan looked at the soldiers behind his eyes and smiled proudly and said, "each of my guanzhong soldiers has undergone rigorous training. They just march continuously, just as well.""General zhang, Lord but because you pardon liu zhang, and liu zhang is now shangshu order, you at this time to seal, not back the Lord!" Fa is looking at zhang ren and smiling."I see." Pang tong nodded: "so, general liu is not ready to rule with me?"

'go and get some! Waved, wei yanshen voice.When normal troops were attacked by the enemy, they would inevitably lose their heads or lose their morale. But in the eyes of these barbarians, there was no such emotion at all."Then it's all my fault! ?" Liu zhang's face darkened and he stared at meng da.战狼2张翰|





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