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金陵十三钗快播|还能虫草含片订购电话When Lao Wang was woken up drunk by a shout of ShaSheng, The huge barracks are completely out of control, Countless qiang without armor panic with weapons head fly general random hit, some smart ran toward the stable, mounted horses, want to fight back, but these people are a few, after all, many people haven't begun to fight with the enemy, was washed by our people, under the night, I don't know how many qiang was trampled to death by our people."Must save! Instantly point the military forces, cut off d return!" At the moment, Korea hence also can't go to scold burn when old wang waste, If burn when the old king was robbed camp oneself but turned a blind eye, I'm afraid burn when the old king will leave directly, more importantly, if not burn when the constraint of the old king, with horse's influence in the qiang people, I'm afraid it won't take long, d will be able to gather more qiang people against himself, the original victory will also add to the storm."Master, with what do you do there?" Han De smell speech to lyu3 bu4, asked.

"Yes!" Zhou Cang grinned grimly and dragged Miu Shang's collar like a dead dog.Jincheng and Marten rode to the gate with their relatives, but when they saw the gate wide open and no one guarded the gate, they frowned and said, "How can the covenant be so unprepared?""Almost." Again a few times, found that the enemy has no response, Chen Xing led the team back to the city to the lieutenant: "Go, now is the best time."金陵十三钗快播|Changan, the former zhao temple is now lyu3 bu4 deal with political affairs, at the moment, zhao temple, Chen Gong, giffin, marotta, zhang liao, seibel, wei, xu sheng, chen xing, tube hai, in addition to wu guan defense hanzhong blanc failed to show up, lyu3 bu4 account civil-military almost all gathered here.

金陵十三钗快播|"He has a new ally!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, eyes kill undisguised release.Yang Xi smell speech liu eyebrow a pick, discontented stare to male broad sea, giffin is the first step frown way: "male general, forget master came to command?""Little general, time is coming!" Pound waved to make it, signaling the siege soldiers to retreat, while pulling d loudly way: "If we are all killed here, who will be the main communique revenge!"

"Hum!" Liang Xing eyes a cold, suddenly waved, after YuanMen, prepared archers at the same time to the sky, dense rain of arrows from the sky."Don't worry?" Han sui complexion SenHan way: "I want to hetao, in addition to your south xiongnu, tu ge, moon people these tribes may not want to enter the west cool, you tell them, within three days, if I can't see their trace, then get out of the west cool for me!""What 's the matter? What' s the matter with you in a hurry?" Cao Peng bleary-eyed scold a way.金陵十三钗快播|




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