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鸾凤错凰后袖手天下|揭阳华侨中学贴吧"Lift shield ~" guan yu commanded, jingzhou army quickly raised the shield, single shot crossbow range has reached the limit, shot here, is already a spent arrow, can not penetrate the shield.At the command of zhou yu, the boats were pushed into the water camp. Five hundred of lv meng's best men went to bed early.

Another round of broken crossbow falls, and a cao jun who controls the bed crossbow is shot. The unadjusted bed crossbow is fired directly, and a shield truck and two crossbowmen under the shield truck are shot directly through the back."Without sending troops from luoyang, the 6,000 elite troops stationed in hanzhong by the Lord gong tun alone could defeat the 100,000" male soldiers "!" The method is confident way, specially accentuates the accent in the male soldier two words.Compared with the confidence of fazheng, these days, liu zhang is some bad heart.鸾凤错凰后袖手天下|"What is it? Lv bu turned around, but see lv zheng a face helpless looking at the hands of the half-shot, but before the words of lu bu, unconsciously the strength with big, directly his wooden gun to bullet broken.

鸾凤错凰后袖手天下|"Dang dang dang ~""General wingfield! Zhuge liang do not know when, appear after two people, helpless of see toward zhang fei.If there are so many people behind the important thing, even if the alliance of the three princes, I am afraid it is difficult to join forces to fight lv bu.

< / p > < p > zhou yu heard yan nodded, Yang fu he naturally is not strange, when Yang fu sent to jiang dong, had personally visited zhou yu.The crossbow is not suitable for a projectile, but it is not completely impossible. Since you cannot shoot the shield, shoot the soldiers behind the enemy first."No." Zhang fei shook his head in dismay.鸾凤错凰后袖手天下|




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