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f83s金易健润肠通便胶囊"What a good nephew says is wrong. Lu bu may not be able to restrict it, but ye cheng can." Cao cao pointed to yecheng and said, "our army can build three camps to guard against lv bu, and then set up a horse pit outside yecheng to attack the city. If lv bu wants to save the city, if there is a horse pit to block it, we can gather lu bu and wipe it out.It is not a simple thing to build secret roads. After all, there is no advanced tool in this era. Most secret roads are dug out by relying on the terrain and taking the local veins.'last leave! The magnificent sea a salute, turned and walked, without the slightest muddle.

There was already a gleam of light on the horizon, and after the darkest hour the first rays of the morning's light fell upon the earth and shone upon this hellish land."No, but the world is too big to know where to go?" Zhaoyun shook his head with a bitter smile."Rumble ~"f83sGuo xin some excitement way: "that secret way has not been discovered now, but straight through to the house, the general can order an elite division from the secret way into the city, secretly open the gate."

f83sNow pound filed out with the rest of his escort.The people around you had to listen to zhang fei scold zhaoyun, immediately some criticism for zhaoyun, liu bei, after all, now here is jingzhou, inside of the heart naturally prefer to stand on this side of liu bei, just as the henton narrative, eyes also gradually changed, and this day and age, people are always has a high evaluation for loyalty, especially zhaoyun such good people, even more so."Where's the owl? ?" Lu bu stood in front of the copycat and shouted at the surrounding mountains.

Chapter 99 the weapon that laid the foundation of the great houseWith a crisp sound, guan yu and the younger general's broadsword bounced in reverse at the same time.f83s





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