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非凡任务 电影|法国蔓莎减肥产品Chapter seventeen rainy night hijacking camp"At the end of the will Li Bao, see nationalities a captain." Lieutenant toward zhong yao bow way.

Giffin heart a move, looked at Yang Wangdao: "Brother Yang, before Xu went up the mountain, see the warriors in the family are injured, I do not know why?"Andy general mansion, a team of cavalry galloping, in a flash, has been to the general mansion outside Andy."Open the door?" Zhang both eyes flashed a cold awn, suddenly drew a sword, a sword into each other's chest, in each other's astonished eyes, a dead body will be pushed away.非凡任务 电影|Whew ~

非凡任务 电影|"Gongtai, I know what you mean, the moment we want to give priority to stability, as long as the million people can settle down, over time, will be able to train an army, then Korea hence, marten will not be afraid, can be right?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Chen gong, seriously."Roar ~" Cao Peng raised his sword, Wave vertically and horizontally, want to take their soldiers, withdraw each other's entanglement, wei thin army, absolutely can't meet a cavalry charge again, however, wei yan more clearly this truth, commanded the soldiers will die to bite these damned jun soldiers, despicable command soldiers to kill each other's horse first, angry cao peng wow roar."Master." Giffin, came to lyu3 bu4 side way: "the expedition, not more than before, Korea hence potential, even if our army and d, also can only rely on the city's benefit to resist the city, master now although twenty thousand qiang help, but if the frontal confrontation, also just barely with Korea hence level, as bypass wu, straight LongYou, bully JinCheng, make Korea hence difficult to care for the beginning and end."

A catch party day painting ji, forty jin party day painting ji was lyu3 bu4 to the ground, a stuffy sound accompanied by a faint wave spread toward the four sides, the ground appeared a circle of irregular cracks, faint earth waves gushing out of the ground, gushing to the four sides, just the transmission of this hand of power, then let the altar be silent."Husband!" In the sable cicada anxious voice, lyu3 bu4 only feel a stream of heat rising from his belly, quickly spread to the whole body, the whole body of 1.08 billion cells as if exploded at the same moment, and quickly reborn.Huai county, satrap mansion.非凡任务 电影|





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