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梓ユイ|回收人造革Status: the leader of one party (the power is determined at the beginning, the people are stable, there are more than 10 famous cities under the control, and the host has preliminary strength to compete for the world)'rubbish! The magnificent sea hey smile 1, wave a way: "we walk!""You see your master's plan worked out?" Zhang liao looked at li ru with great interest and asked with a smile.

"You jingxiang people can't afford to lose!" Lu lingqi disdained to use a long gun clap clap wenpin's shoulder way: "deal with a few women all want to make such a big battle?""Jingle ~" looking at the wenpin style, lv lingqi liumei pick, silver gun flash, swing open the other side long gun at the same time, the gun front has been put on the wenpin neck, cold voice way: "if you dare to look down on me, the next time this gun will directly into."Huh?" Smelling the words, liu bao hurriedly looked in the direction indicated by bocan, only to see a plume of smoke rising in the distance and a faint flame appearing in the north.梓ユイ|"Fair enough." Lv bu nodded thoughtfully and said with a smile, "each tu is also a branch of the huns. First kill each tu, then save the yue family, then defeat the Wolf qiang and first zero, integrate the power of hetao in the west, and then deal with the huns."

梓ユイ|Jianan four years, for the whole world, is by no means a good year, no matter the central plains or northwest, the central plains war clouds, although the war between yuan shao and cao cao was not fully launched, but the two sides have entered a state of war readiness, the war is on the verge of war, war together, must be a scene of human suffering."Aguri, didn't you say that han sui surrendered to the han in secret? Why are the han people helping us fight hansui now?" < / p > < p > a few burning qiang generals see ran han sui, and did not pursue, after all, zhang liao now do not know is the enemy or friend, rashly pursue, if zhang liao in turn to kill them can be bad."Go! Run!" Three hundred arrows did not scare the king of tu. He knew that although the power of the Chinese arrow was great, it was very difficult to reload it. Such a short distance could not be fired again.

"Where righteousness lies, life and death follow! White horse righteousness from, kill!"In this stormy world, as a royal woman, in such a place as xuchang, even in ordinary days with the cold, elegant and noble temperament will be armed up, but after pulling off that layer of coat, still a woman, need men to rely on."You go and give this roasted leg of lamb to the general under han sui and give him some more wine." In the middle of the night, a drunken jun-han with a leg of lamb came to a place where some qiang people were gathered. Although there was no definite division of rank, it was an unwritten rule that the ranks of the soldiers were generally inferior to those of the veterans.梓ユイ|





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