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仓知莉花|欧泉琳美白祛斑套装Why is that?"Old male, point soldier!" Lu bu suddenly stood up and shouted sharply, although the loss of the battle last night was not small, but cao cao did not get a good, must catch up before cao cao in the past, give yuan shang a hard, if you can hit yuan shang, yuan cao alliance on lu bu's threat is too much.What's more, it is liu guan zhang this kind of one heart wants to do a career to be met with a wall again and again however, the person that half lives, no matter be liu bei or guan zhang at the moment 2 will even liu bei hand a few member wu jiang come to listen to the news that two many months come from the front line, although do not say, but in the heart face is like ant to climb however same.

"Yo ~""Duke xuande, welcome!" In the evening, a governor came to liu bei's residence and bowed down to send him an invitation.Although large-scale combat, no way with lu bu's cavalry corps to fight, but after all, the improvement of combat effectiveness is real, can not say completely useless.仓知莉花|However, this praise from xun you aroused cao cao's interest, and he said with a smile, "is it possible for him to surrender?"

仓知莉花|"Oh? What if you are a gentleman?" Lu bu's voice suddenly appeared, and pang tong was startled. Looking back, he saw lu bu standing in the doorway with a black face."Tomorrow you and I will go out of the city and drown in battle to see if we can cut this veteran to pieces!" After a while, zhang liao looked at pound and said quietly."The last officer will be appointed." Zhang liao, gao shun each step forward, bow way.

Tinker on lyu3 bu4 poison tongue campaign this month to never broken, he can't directly to hit people, in addition to corporal punishment, I'm afraid this poison tongue than corporal punishment more terror, that is from the spiritual level bombing, lyu3 bu4 from later generations, though daily attention to image, rarely say dirty words, but people are always two sides to everything, no doesn't mean he doesn't, past the era of network information bombing, as a grassroots inspirational figure, contact centers, true to litigate, lyu3 bu4 absolutely no wanglang of zhuge liang.For lyu3 bu4, this also is a kind of vent, here, is his world, his world, do not need to pay attention to image, to how the whole is how the whole, even pang tong, this month, for lyu3 bu4 mouth out at sixes and sevens understandable without dirty words, but also let a person particularly uncomfortable disgusting language attack only gasp in admiration.Lu bu's momentum stopped immediately, turned around and took a look at cao cao's position. With a cold snort, he took off his bow and didn't look closely at cao cao's direction.仓知莉花|




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