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古今的船都故事网昆明空白t恤Looking at the figure of Ule left, Kui brows slightly wrinkled, he found that his suspicion of lyu3 bu4 action, has caused dissatisfaction among his subordinates, these people were originally their most loyal subordinates, but now... For lyu3 bu4 doubt, not only did not reduce, but more afraid of many, this night, Kui head insomnia."All right, send a team to occupy Mayi first!" Giffin sink a track....

"What 's the trouble? Do it!" Lyu3 bu4 in mind bored hum a way, at this time to know why the cost of recovery success almost as much as the cost of training Chen Gong once, but also can't care so much, while in the heart ordered, while twisting his head to say to all: "Make a stretcher for me, will old male back to camp.""I like that!" Hey laughter, lyu3 bu4 will turn the woman's body, let her face yourself, continue to unfold as if endless impact.古今的船都故事网Zhang gu carefully looked at lyu3 bu4 one eye, and looked at a title of generals in ancient times is only one hundred people camp, although it looks elite, but the number is too small, turned to look at wang yong, but see wang yong also make eyes at him.

古今的船都故事网"This one poem, if he can really do it, will wash away a lot of his infamy!" For a long time, cao caocai sighed and shook his head.Zhang he flashed let the copper rod, frown at the lyu3 bu4 army general, secretly marveled at each other's strength, at this time, ear suddenly burst with a thunder-like roar, face not from a change, instinctively will point a gun to the side of the body.Then disappeared, and then appeared, directly captured the nanyang, and swept away almost all the people of nanyang, as if from that time on, lyu3 bu4 with a strong toughness, a little bit back to the world in this chess, as a chess player to re-face the world.

"Come out." Lyu3 bu4 looked to one side of the wing, smiled and said: "adult zhang has promised you, also don't come out to thank adult zhang."Zhang he quite embarrassed to return to the wall, a face of shame to falling in to grant fuels: "regret not to listen to the words of the strategist!"Soon, the drums and gongs sounded again, the sergeant got zhang he command, didn't care, continue to sleep.古今的船都故事网





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