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周杰伦拍儿子|富迩佳This is not the kind of idle Lord, this injury, in the bed was forced to stay for more than ten days, only feel uncomfortable, can not wait to breathe fresh air.The current situation with the yuan tan die subtle changes have taken place, still in devour yuan yuan tan after the military forces, whether also willing to cao cao as the leader or whether also hopes to maintain the union, if coupled with country troup willing to defect, yuan tan has now fully capable and bottom spirit not inferior to cao cao and lu bu any party, the situation seems to return to the previous state of the three pillars of north, but seems to have a little different.

"In that case... "Liu2 bei4 eye flash one wipe bare light, twist a head to see to account outside way:" Chen arrive, guan ping!"CAI MAO's head is even lower, the entire jingxiang, no one better than he know the eyes of this elegant, beautiful lady, hidden in the beautiful appearance, is how a cruel and spicy heart."Ridiculous! I am the elder childe. Should I have to pass through an outsider even to see my father?" Liu qi nu way.周杰伦拍儿子|"Lord, do you know this year even turn over the transfer of troops, yongliang territory has been empty, if not the Lord back in time, I am afraid there will be unrest, last year although the harvest is good, but before gao shun transfer troops, wei yan transfer troops, zhang liao transfer troops, how there are so many grain war again? Now our army but the pressure that faces cao cao and yuan shao at the same time, Lord Lord can know, only half an year time, zhang ye those xianbei slave produced 10 times riot, our army which come of strength? And then there are the Montenegrin thieves who are going to eat up food even in relief." < / p > < p > Chen gong a sad and stirring look at lv bu, now again to transfer troops, the Chen gong had to go to sell.

周杰伦拍儿子|Those foreign emissaries are so polite? Of course not, only see a lot of emissaries behind the maid obscene look, you know that these foreign emissaries are inevitably bad root in their bones, but they dare not, why? The reasons need not be explained."This...... "Liu bei hesitates a way:" whether some improper?"A song, not only revealed the merits of lu bu, but also let lu bu, the world's first military officer, a bit more style.

See the momentum of the flood is strange fast, weak galloping horse, suddenly has been surging to near the front, in the place, a large number of yuan jun instant was swept in."What, not happy? Lv bu felt the resentment of a gang of men and sneered: "if anyone has the courage to fan the non - root between your legs, I can agree to him to join the female camp, and then you can enjoy this treatment, anyone?"In the crowd, some people began to shout loudly, followed by more and more people responded, and soon gathered into a wave of sound, resounding throughout the entire ye cheng district.周杰伦拍儿子|





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