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叶一茜微博遭攻陷|北京工具柜"Wait, he can't go! I've been waiting... < / p > < p > people see liu zhang was so taken away, and did not care about their meaning, how this line, a scholar with ding want to stop liu zhang frame."Second brother." At this time, the door came in a man, a dusty man, people dressed, if not between the eyes some awe, at first glance, and ordinary people, see zhuge liang, bow a worship."General, we did it!" "Snapped one of the generals.

Meng da looked at liu zhang in surprise and shook his head and said, "if liu yizhou was not blinded by interests, it would not be so easy to let the Lord take yizhou.""General liu, I have told you that the Lord is not feeling well these days and cannot see you!" Outside the prefecture, several guards stopped liuWhen Chen heard this, he felt chills all over. There was such an inhuman army in the world, and what was more terrible was that no one seemed to know about its existence.叶一茜微博遭攻陷|'go and get some! Waved, wei yanshen voice.

叶一茜微博遭攻陷|Xia hou sat down sulkily for a long time and sighed. Now he hoped liu bei had done it. If it had been liu bei, he could have sent someone to scold him, but instead of lu bu...< / p > < p > all of a sudden the river because of the death of zhou yu the authenticity of the news into chaos."Send someone to tell cao cao." Liu bei turned his head and looked at guan yu. "wang Yin asked him to keep it for the time being until he has enough food to fight lv bu again.

Looking at the crowd, pang tong shook his head and said, "zhang ren has been captured by all of you. I think you have decided to rebel against liu zhang."Is that mighty mighty?" Ma confused look to zhuge liang, the name of the pang tong he nature also heard, as Mr Pang tong official lyu3 bu4, dig out some dark history is also gradually, for JingXiang family, that is not a good thing, the original pang tong, want to see liu table, but because of long too ugly, even not seen liu table surface, coincided with Addis in jingzhou, trapped by CAI, it is because the pang tong, to save themselves, and then somehow, ran to the western regions, hit a lot of work, and then spent in jizhou official loyal to lu bu, help promote JunTian lyu3 bu4, and from then on, jingzhou pang's home, Because of pang tong began to be ostracized, the momentum is not as strong as before, these two years even disappeared."This...... "Wei yan did not speak, for a long time just stuffy way:" that again can how?叶一茜微博遭攻陷|




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