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诱色落英缤纷|绍兴黄页Let the remaining hanzhong soldiers and horses back to the south zheng, wei yan did not continue to pursue."Unfortunately, if only a few more days, we will be able to push back the cao army of jizhou completely." Zhang liao pity shook his head, it's no use crying over spilt milk., xh had run away, to the first world war and into the whole work is impossible, for, it is necessary to spent to jizhou jun stay, xh but went away with a lot of crossbows, even though these crossbows are main lyu3 bu4 group stepped out of date products, lyu3 bu4 has a title of generals in ancient times around camp now can use five series of crossbows, and range also compares two stone rhubarb crossbows, achieve two hundred and eighty steps distance, these new products are popularized to the army, zhang liao also has a few here, but now the mainstream or three hair even crossbows, if the mass is present, cao cao there is not a good thing for lu bu.The person below peaceful flourishing age, what afraid sees is that bright general star adviser only, how to see foil the countless soul of these general star adviser, be like that bright starry sky backside, endless darkness, also only in darkness, stars just can be so bright.

"A foreign messenger? Chen qun looked at you, but he could not understand. He turned to menbo and said, "did you ever ask where you came from?"Although there were cao cao and lu bu in the north, if liu bei really took jingzhou and central shu and allied with jiangdong, even if lu bu destroyed cao cao, the world would still be divided into three parts, and the dispute between the two kingdoms would continue forever."In." Lv bu nodded, looked at hu seng, and glanced around more and more people, shaking his head: "the general does not oppose any religion in the general's rule to spread faith, as long as your truth can be recognized by the majority of people, they are willing to believe, the general will not tube, but...... "诱色落英缤纷|"No! Zhang liao turned pale and looked at ma tie and luneng. He said sharply, "ma tie and luneng, each leading 5,000 troops and horses, will march out from the two wings to attack with a crossbolt. I will bring my own Chinese troops to battle!"

诱色落英缤纷|However, although zhaoyun defeated the main force of gongsundu and the class division returned to the dynasty, liaodong was not completely pacify. When zhang liao sent people to occupy liaodong, they were fiercely resisted by gongsundu's son gongsun kang and the local noble families.D the in the mind is to suppress the YiGuJin son want to overshadow zhaoyun a head, though he also admitted zhaoyun as poor as his skill, but between military commanders, unless the gap is very big, really not easy to take another blow, this is a good demonstration, the past is not rare, but this time, but lu bu to operate on the central plains, in the first battle of zhaoyun or d are seeks sufficient strength, this battle, is undoubtedly d pulled out first, while dry up by tiny damage Zang, this but the blocking lyu3 bu4 characters, so died in his hand, nature to the adversary."Kill!" However, the next moment, five soldiers came up to zang ba directly. One of them cut off zang ba's left hand with a knife, while the other two soldiers pierced zang ba's body with their swords. The remaining two soldiers stepped forward to fend off the cao troops around them.

"Lu hussar is one of the most important princes in the world. How could he, for the sake of children, make such a fool of himself by encouraging all the officers and soldiers of the whole army to join him?" Gu shao disdains the cold hum 1.Seem to think of what, xiahou yuan suddenly turned his head, looking at zhang liao camp over there, constantly flying pigeons let xiahou yuan mind flash a light.Today's bureau, cao cao there had a thorough deployment, even listen to lu bu movements, time and place of lyu3 bu4 inevitable today and even side guard has accurate information, but this has nothing to do with history, and he needed, just target, and then complete the task, it's as simple as that, in order to today, he has prepared for three months, adjust their own state to the peak.诱色落英缤纷|




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