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西游记后传潮汕版duleinaAll smell speech can not help but suddenly."What?" Looking at the back of two people away, pang tong shook his head, then some smug, finally don't have to face the female devil, later on, will be very happy...!"A cornered beast will still fight!" Kirby can look a cold, do not flicker to meet step root.

Looked at the empty lobby, lyu3 bu4 heart is empty, as if there is something missing, can't say.Kim Lien-chuan, Daxi tribe, different from the middle east two xianbei complex, in the western xianbei, daxi tribe has absolute right to speak, occupy the soil and water fertile jinlianchuan, the ministry is as many as hundreds of people, its small and medium-sized tribes, as many as hundreds, unified under the command of the daxi tribe, as long as the patriarch, can quickly assemble two hundred thousand troops.But just an hour of time, originally forty thousand troops, killed more than eight thousand people, chaos occurred after the tangled war, many times, is the Murong tribe and Tuoba tribe between the people will also fight, resulting in casualties, even less than Kirby can troops killed directly.西游记后传潮汕版"Clearly prepared, Steptoe. This time, it's over." On the cliff, lyu3 bu4 continued to idle, listening to a sudden report, shook his head, sneer at 1: "that kui head, would rather let his brother to die, rather than to use in me, or, he did not see the danger, it is good, but saved me a lot of effort."

西游记后传潮汕版But this is just the sword go partial, the art of war is cloud, with just, with strange victory, lyu3 bu4 in odd word, has almost out of their own way, but with his growing power, odd word, after all, can't hold for a long time, the sword go partial, although often get huge benefits, but as long as the wrong step, accompanied by, is the corresponding risk."Monseigneur, will you fight?" Wang Yong looked at Zhang Gu, according to the handle of the knife hand is still shaking."I mean, even if I help you kill Kuitou, why do you sit on the throne, you think xianbei people will recognize a woman as their king?" Lyu3 bu4 helplessly looked at the woman, IQ?

"Master..." After all left, sentence suddenly want to speak, but was timuzhen wave interrupted, behind the two bodyguards made a look, two bodyguards, immediately came to the tent, to prevent eavesdropping.Chapter V Little PeopleNodded, lyu3 bu4 stride into the back of the king's tent, spacious tent, a transpiration of water vapor diffuse, leapt into the eye, but it is amazing scene, a huge bath bucket, a bloodshot carcass in the diffuse of water vapor, looming.西游记后传潮汕版




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