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鬼无极中宽网信"Why? No one wants to? No confidence? Or..." Lyu3 bu4 looked at a group of surrender: "Eight thousand people, unexpectedly not even a brave enough people?"The country sneered and nodded. "I didn't expect this son to be so malicious in heart and soul. The depth of the city was ten times greater than Sun Ce's."Far away, looking at jun suddenly beast still fighting, seibel frowned, ordered: "archer, let go of the arrow!"

"Kill them all!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, the huns have no effect, keep will only become a marching burden, lyu3 bu4 nature will not continue to accustom them, since dare to make trouble, just give lyu3 bu4 excuse."Unfortunately, the department under the people don't buy it, unavoidable speech conflict, eight days ago, Korea hence son-in-law larocca had a big fight with d." Giffin nodded."A battalion?" Lyu3 bu4 eyes fell on the man, instantaneous insight into the person's abilities, slightly imperceptible nodded: "What's your name, now in what position?"鬼无极Xuchang, cao fu.

鬼无极"Zhong yao adult camp suddenly caught fire, you go and see it." His soldiers hurriedly track.At the sight of the two men about to begin, lyu3 bu4 frowned and said: "to fight, get out of here, handsome account, who dares to be reckless!""I agree." Another hao shuai also got up to respond, although the white water qiang is twelve, but Yang Wang in this business for many years, own a few confidants, Yang Wang had already secretly through the gas, at the moment nature does not hesitate to support Yang Wang.

"I have a problem, and you go to send someone to inform zhong yao to receive soldiers, said I wait for discontented master for a long time, willing to join cao cao." Wei Yan looked to lieutenant: "This matter must find a reliable person to go, if zhong yao really rate army, before entering the barracks, as soon as possible.""The king know the general?" Lyu3 bu4 stood up, back to a hanli, doubtful look to the moon people."No way!" At smell speech can not help but face big change, frown way: "lyu3 bu4 military forces how can play more and more? And forty thousand troops, what combat effectiveness!? In addition, the new city, will not appear unstable?"鬼无极




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