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3D预测专家彩酷酷caikuku美到美爆潮品店Waltman was suddenly rose red, at this time he also see out, in the sight of the old guy, although older, but one hand skills already reach the limit, at least for now, is not your opponents but lose people don't, he doesn't believe in yourself even triad't hang down, the moment a clap a horse, rushed to huang zhong again, this time than last time, is a few minutes, not blindly attack, at the moment. Huang zhong evasion, was not make sweeping motion control pike.Tracing the cause smell speech, can not help but sigh, zhou yu say with smile: "the best results, is be undefeated, but this possibility is not big, if there are unbeaten ending, that is equal to lyu3 bu4 wins," says now that have been to changan, when know lu bu the system have how old influence, the longer time, the emperor is no chance, so, this battle will be a winner, but no matter who wins who negative, the two sides will be weakened, then, is our true strength."After all, it was because zhou yu broke the covenant first and attacked the lake mouth that the jingzhou army ran out of food. This reason makes sense, and it is impossible to say that we will attack shu zhong next.

"No! < / p > < p > rear, xia houyuan face a change, gao shun this is deliberately retreat, opened the distance between the cavalry and infantry, at the moment retreat, it is too late, immediately shouted: "continue to charge!"Good fellow! Pound raised his sword and barked: "two wings, cover fire with crossbows!""No! Although the first time to see the appearance of the broken crossbow, but xia houyuan know not good.3D预测专家彩酷酷caikuku"Shubi, lost, lost, do not give me back!" Ms is face a change, and complete to drink, I would forward to give back, waltman skill is not weak, the old guy waltman to conveniently blocked shots were each other, each other to be serious now, ms don't feel this silly nephew can really stop down, if the heart of this old man moved to kill, it is be valued by his sons and nephews this I'm afraid this will be stated here.

3D预测专家彩酷酷caikukuLiu bei turned and looked at cao cao. "cao gong, now that lv bu is ready, he should go to preside over the battle of yique pass. Yique pass and tiger prison pass are the southeast gate of lv bu."Build another tiger prison with this camp!" Xun you shen voice way.Gao shun raised a single shot crossbow, the eyes locked xiahou yuan, cold hum, button motive kuo, a hum, a crossbow roared shot xiahou yuan.

Lu xun was silent for a moment and nodded again. Sun quan did not agree.The whole wall, except for the bowmen at the back, was quickly divided into hundreds of such small squares. Although the battle was fierce, the guanzhong army on the wall was in good order.Cao cao wanted to think, it's the way it is, for the average person, effect is self-evident, but for seibel the army checkpoints instead some chicken ribs, of course, the premise is the shield on the surface of the car and rushed the baffle enough they rushed to the wall below, in order to deal with lyu3 bu4 GongJin crossbows, after the battle of spent since jizhou, cao cao chong and shield car can do less.3D预测专家彩酷酷caikuku




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