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第一男王妃|财经道理财cjdao"Boom ~" secretariat office Zhu Hongqi door opened, four guardhouse pull not, directly holding the impact of wood rushed in, tripped over the threshold, rolling gourd rolled into a piece.The men who stopped the chase quickly picked up the untrampled crossbow from the ground, Started shooting at the enemy, dense arrows rain shot again, this time, jingzhou army is almost mowed grass harvested, zhang fei angrily, want to stabilize the army, but also helpless, watched these have been frightened soldiers shot by the enemy, and he also had to be carried away by the rebels retreat."Tracing the cause of general has assembled fifty thousand troops stationed in danyang, soon to, you and I and first bitter for a few days." Tardif comforted.

Army came without publicity, but left, is beating drums and gongs, as if afraid of zhuge liang there can't get the news.Small school promised, turned away, soon, wei yan and blanc side by side.After so many iterations, Two people finally helplessly found that, The so-called conspiracy, It's kind of bullshit in this situation, Finally honestly returned to the most fundamental battlefield, Then a new round of fighting began, Zhuge liang put out eight arrays, pang tong to river tuoluo book, set up a return to hiding array, zhuge liang is superior to the array, and pang tong is weak, but it is not difficult to break the array, again to draw, but let the method of watching is amazing to the ability of two people, nearly two hundred thousand troops, in the hands of two people are about to play and flowers.第一男王妃|On the other side, Tracing the cause with zhou tai followed tardif, After chasing guan yu, but met tardif routed troops, know tardif death, guan yu life and death don't know the news, tracing the cause of the change, hurriedly brought people back, but which still have the shadow of jingzhou army, the ground is a mess, everywhere are corpses, in the corpse, zhou tai suddenly sent a cry, but found tardif's corpse.

第一男王妃|A group of QinWei twisted his head to look at, just for a moment, all around to stand the soldiers have not much, hesitate, have to throw away the blades in their hands, Xie Yun are dead, also fart, honestly was taken over by Wang Shuang."How long will it take?" He Qiwen speech can not help but wry smile way: "Now this song a city soldiers but a thousand people, and everyone wounded, don't say a few days, today if not the child righteousness, I'm afraid this city had been broken by guan yu."

Guanzhong army, in addition to hussars, There aren't many troops who are good at mountain warfare, In the absence of certainty, Wei Yan is obviously more willing to lead the other side out of the mountain, Again with strong crossbow annihilated, close combat, although there are advantages, but rushed into the woods some unwise, guanzhong crossbow arrow is the strongest range, into the woods will no doubt let range this kind of thing is greatly weakened, and yan yan troops bow and arrow can play a great advantage in the mountains and forests."Wen He is now a very good minister, and he is still so careful, isn't he tired?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and laughed.Just master's red hare these years also old, after the war in shu, offer to master.第一男王妃|




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