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成龙女儿|半轴套管拉压机On the wall, Zhang he dialed the arrow cluster, looking at the archer who appeared behind them, These units are more than one notch better than the charging units, And the army said clearly, more importantly, these people don't care about the death of the soldiers ahead, just to the city head pouring arrows rain, let the army in front of their archers wanton blow, fell, a hebei soldiers shot an arrow, haven't had time to take another arrow, a broken and empty bolt directly through his chest."Master wait!" Trial with smell speech hurriedly came forward: "Although the note is suspected of desecrating the morale of the army, but he just discord with me and other political views, and no other intention, is still one-hearted to give priority to the public, master so kill note, who dare to give priority to the public in the future?""Kill!" A xianbei generals see ke sin and to jin zhitu gathered here a lot of people, directly rushed up with people.

"General male physique is excellent, ordinary people by this injury, I'm afraid I can't survive for a moment or three, but general male unexpectedly has been up to now, and the injury is improving, is really a rare curiosity!" Military doctor smell speech, eyes burning to the male broad sea, the eyes, as if looking at a rare treasure, lyu3 bu4 have no doubt, if there is a concept of surgery in this era, this guy is absolutely possible to secretly male broad sea to slice research.Lyu3 bu4 expression has always been cold, waved, The accompanying medical officer hurriedly came forward to take medicine for d, Lyu3 bu4 sat on the handsome chair, Shen Sheng said, "Only when you know yourself and your enemy can you survive a hundred battles, understand the enemy's situation, and make clear the merits and demerits of the enemy and ourselves. This is what the general should consider at the first moment. It will be the soul of the armed forces. Your wrong decision may have killed thousands or even tens of thousands of soldiers under your command. I can spare you today, but who will pacify the brains of the dead soldiers?""Pip-pip ~"成龙女儿|"Yes!" As if made a great determination, lyu3 bu4 gritted his teeth: "but you must promise me, my three hundred people belong to me only, will not be disbanded for any reason, in addition, my tribe must also be preserved, even now only a group of women, he also belongs to my tribe, king court must be sheltered!"

成龙女儿|"D Hugh to go crazy, I'll meet you!" Point in the hands of a flash of steel gun, a little cold star against the sun, stab d throat.Conspiracy, this thing is from the beginning of the conspiracy against the king's court, the five major tribes, even the furthest Kirby can all arrived, then the other three tribes?At the same time, some voices of discontent were heard among the tribes as well as the great success of Kirby, but because Kirby was now too powerful, they did not erupt, only in secret.

Chapter 49 loyalty rape difficult to distinguishWith the hint of the system, that lingering around, not scattered xianbei qi began to pour into lyu3 bu4, surging sense of strength, not only agility, strength, physique, spirit have been improved accordingly.It's not easy to get here!成龙女儿|




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