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张燕图片蜂花前清茶价格Suddenly, drinking water cattle and sheep looked up and began to irritably sound, the earth, accompanied by a thunderous sound of hoofs, the whole prairie as if in this moment fell into turmoil.Pound on horseback, inform the routed troops in front of bypassing d's army, in the rear array, at the same time brought back a candidate army general.In the distance, lyu3 bu4 with all the soldiers dismount, many people tired directly fell down, lying on the ground.

A few people looked at each other, followed by XiongKuoHai to ShuaiZhang direction, marotta will not actively meddle in military affairs, but everyone knows that the strategist, in the camp, has a very transcendent position, even d such a wild Ao, now to marotta is also respectful."Lingzhou is also north county, but we don't have cavalry, otherwise we can't let the army so easily leave the west cool." Seibel looked at the map, some helpless way."You can't take them away, they want to kill me broken qiang qiang people, must die!" A broken qiang hao shuai stood up, dissatisfied with the way.张燕图片Rapid hoofs of horses broke the quiet rain, dark night, a tiger cavalry is crazy in the rain to run.

张燕图片Chapter 46 UntitledFive thousand fighters, under the leadership of Hande, fierce kill to panic the huns army, ten thousand horses, five thousand fighters under the leadership of lyu3 bu4 like a torrent, ruthless volume to those who have been lyu3 bu4 scared the huns.

"Oh?" D heart a move, hua tuo is now half an official in lyu3 bu4, since it is his guest, must be lyu3 bu4 under the people.Another sunset, standing on the tribe's humble watchtower, lyu3 bu4 back against the diao dou, leisurely gaze, the fight in the stockade has long since disappeared, from the morning to sunset, lyu3 bu4's men excitedly enjoy the rare "holiday.""Master..." Marotta clearly feel, lyu3 bu4 for the marriage is not too enthusiastic, hesitated for a moment, or asked: "I don't know master but have doubts? If master become the royal xu, the world insightful people will inevitably piled up, master hegemony can be expected."张燕图片




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