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幸福额度演员表|家居创意格子批发网Zhang lu vision to yan pu look, but see yan pu micro can't check of nod, the moment nod a way: "good, then according to two general!"CAI shi did not panic, just a light look at CAI MAO: "don't be here.""Hum! Only regret not to be able to wait for your extinction!" Chen GUI waves her head as if there is something disgusting in lv bu's hand and she wants to avoid it.

"You...... "Chen GUI looks at her son and for a moment, her brain goes blank."General, the city has put out the smoke!" Within the camp, a deputy general came to zhang liao's side, bow way."Kill!" Small school a foot on the car hit the city, in the hands of the long gun down the broken crack mercilessly stabbed in, immediately a blood arrow down the crack splash out.幸福额度演员表|"For shield! The archers fight back!" Yang bo, Yang ang issued an order at the same time, but its slow horse.

幸福额度演员表|< / p > < p > the wrong horse and the moment, they killed three cao, the rear white horse camp excited up, and the cao camp, yu ban and a lot of cao army is a collective lost voice, yu ban suddenly some regret, lu bu's army, seems to be the most lack of this kind of.This time, the central plains almost every family joined in the crusade, the assassin's behavior has let the whole family feel panic, understanding the rulers and family for the first time under cao cao had a big cleaning, will be a lot of lyu3 bu4 slot under cao cao, sun quan, the stronghold of the uprooted, even such a place, belong to the wild goose pavilion has been shut down, because they were surprised to find that the wave to assassinate spree, is out of the assassin, unexpectedly is nearly seventy percent of women, and one by means of biting, let many people to a woman gives birth to a panic, but also more filled lu bu is the culprit, Because only under the command of lv bu, there will be so many skilled women.The damned idea was soon proved.

A title of generals in ancient times did not affect lyu3 bu4 assassination of mansion doorway and lu zheng desire to eat, father and son in a swing back to the city after the sentinels, lyu3 bu4 with lu zheng chose a small but very clean food shop in, as long as the people lived in changan for a period of time, for the actual control of the chang 'an behavior will not be surprised, they are used to the actual king chang 'an some maverick behavior, in addition to the words and the respectful attitude, lyu3 bu4 and lu zheng's arrival does not affect the shop business.If it is land battles, baiji state is not afraid, they have the advantage of the terrain plus people, want to fight in, even if lv bu mobilize 100,000 troops to fight them are not afraid, but from the sea to fight is not the same."The enemy's defensive camp gives ye some inspiration, and he should ask the craftsman in the general to allocate all his resources to me. Within a month, he will help the general to defeat the enemy!" Liu ye is confident.幸福额度演员表|




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