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日剧情定大饭店|开个游戏厅要多少钱"Well!" Chen gong bowed out with a slight bow.In treating lyu3 bu4 angel this, liu bei and liu table idea is consistent, the north will not unified, and should maintain the tripartite balance of forces, north lu bu, at least for the time being can not be destroyed, originally sent zhang fei liu bei is want to go, but he was more afraid of zhang fei directly with Zhao Yungan up, eventually had to sent guan yu to help zhaoyun et al.Like a stream of clean water into the mind, his soul to wash a time, lyu3 bu4 felling his thinking unprecedented active.

"The general said zhang yan generals defected lyu3 bu4, for lyu3 bu4 far more important than to my Lord and cao cao, but the general ignore, or avoid, that is, lyu3 bu4 need is the million army in Montenegro, but zhang yan general commander Montenegro army for many years, how the prestige, lyu3 bu4 how can secure in general zhang?""Uh oh ~"'because of this!日剧情定大饭店|The complexion gradually cold down, CAI MAO gritted his teeth and said: "just that strange crossbow is really disturbing!"

日剧情定大饭店|Yecheng is in in sight, lu kuang wipe with a smile on the face, lyu3 bu4 suddenly from killing off the taihang mountains, straight into the handan, soldiers front will of quang chief scout can not stop, more terrorist, lyu3 bu4 simply ignore counties along the way, even if someone opens the door to surrender, only orders received in the city, the army is starry night killed to yecheng, even if such handan county city has failed to make lyu3 bu4 stop."Be!" Ma tie excited should be a sound, hurried out point soldiers down the mountain, ma dai also point a thousand troops, ordered the lieutenant to keep the camp, bring the horse down the mountain and go."The champion hou really is different from ordinary people!" Left ci saw lv bu's movement, the eyes of the naked flash: "no wonder the world's fortunes due to the champion hou and change, but for the world's people, it is not necessarily a blessing.

"The Lord is at ease." "Chen gong said.A song, not only revealed the merits of lu bu, but also let lu bu, the world's first military officer, a bit more style."General, look, what are they doing?" Riding in, looking at li dian will be their camp to ignite, a tu each general puzzled to see ma chao road.日剧情定大饭店|





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